To Replace, Or Not to Replace….

We are soon refinishing the surround on our fireplace.  I am counting down the days to get rid of those hideous doors.  After several attempts of finding a suitable replacement, I realized… I actually like fireplaces better without the doors.  And to be honest, I can’t wrap my head around paying $1,200 plus for something that’s just “okay” So, my question is, how horrible would it be if we had no fireplace doors… Obviously we would have to close the flu when the fireplace is not in use.  Has anyone done this and regretted it?

4 thoughts on “To Replace, Or Not to Replace….

  1. SamanthaS

    I have a gas fireplace and we use a screen we bought and it looks great. I also have another fireplace that I put an awesome fan in front of when we don’t use it so it looks like art/interesting addition to the room. Definitely take off the doors! You can do so much more with it that way.

  2. RFlip

    A couple houses ago when we had a wood burning fireplace we took off ugly doors and simply used a free standing screen. Worked great and looked SO much better! At our current home, which has gas, our doors had some fake brass on them so I spray painted them with high heat matte black paint and now the doors are essentially invisible. No reason to spend good money on fireplace doors… that’s no fun!

  3. alonsa

    We don’t have fireplace door on either of ours. We do have screens so that when we make a fire the sparks don’t fly everywhere. Is yours gas? Not sure how that would work if it is but I think if it is wood burning, no doors looks great and you can find some really pretty screens if you do use it.

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