Zad is Rad.

For many of you that have been following Kiki’s List from the beginning, you may remember my original headshot. (A sorry excuse for a picture.)  I had Mike take it on a random Saturday (notice the lack of a bra, hot pink nail polish, and little Lou in the corner.)  Last Summer, I received many emails as to where I bought the statement necklace that I am wearing in this picture.

You can get a better look in these pictures:

This was another great South Moon Under find.  I loved it so much, I bought a turquoise one for my bestie, MJ for her birthday.  Unfortunately, it was no longer available at SMU, but (one year later) I was able to finally hunt it down and redeem myself.  So here you are ladies… THE NECKLACE and it’s available in both coral and turquoise!

What’s better than that?  In my quest to find this piece, I came across some more amazing pieces by this company.  Check out what Zad has to offer at super-affordable prices:
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