Designed for Dogs.

Upon doing some research for a kitchen project, I came across an amazing phenomenon.  People are actually designing their homes around their dogs.  Now- I love my girl, don’t get me wrong, but I am not quite sure that I would have her bed built into my kitchen counter… Perhaps if I had more space?
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8 thoughts on “Designed for Dogs.

  1. mackenzie

    I love those pictures. I love how unique they are. Whoever came up with these ideas can probably come up with awesome dog carriers. I wish I could do something like that in my house.

  2. Wilson O'Doyle

    I like those ideas, especially the shoe closet and the one under the stairs. I use fashionable dog carriers when I take my little four legged friend on a long trip. They find it to be very comfortable.

  3. Anna@MyDesignEthos

    Even though I don’t always like the idea of spending so much money on dogs (don’t get me wrong I adore my puppies, they sleep on the end of the bed, I just don’t believe in ‘designer dogs’) but I think if you have indoor dogs that having the necessary things like dogs beds and bowls built in keeps the house much tidier and more well designed. I hate having the dog bowls and water bowls kicking around in a corner of the kitchen so I love the idea of having them built in the island!

  4. Katie

    I think that the cubby in the stairs is adorable….but isn’t their something unsanitary having the dog bed in the kitchen? I’m all for the mudroom though.

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