If you don’t know by now, our house is in a constant state of “progress.”  It drives my poor husband crazy.  We have made some progress on little Lou’s room.  Here are some sneak peaks of the work in progress.

When I originally had the nursery painted six years ago, I had my amazingly talented artist Corinne Marlowe paint this Lion over the changing table and a laurel wreath around her chandelier.  (More of Corinne’s work on our house to come.) As you can see the big girl bed takes up a bit more room than a crib. 

That changing table has now been converted into a dresser, and between the new bed and the shelves that we were installing, the dresser had to be moved a few inches to the left.  Here’s the problem with that: 
As much as it killed me to paint over that little lion, he had to go.  Now the question was, what to put in his place.  I knew I wanted a mirror, but couldn’t find anything that was better than what I had in my head… so I took matters into my own hands.
 I found this guy at Home Goods.  On clearance for $25.
I primed him,

Painted him,
and had a mirror cut for inside.

I should also mention that Corinne replaced the laurel wreath with stripes on the ceiling.  
 Love them.

(I was actually in her closet taking this picture… You can see the door on the side.)
The left shelving unit is lacking as you can see.  We added more drawers to the shelving units than I expected, so I am waiting on more bin pulls. I would also like to work on the styling of the lefthand shelves.
Next up:  Pillows, pictures and a new chandelier!  Stay tuned.

14 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes.

  1. Kim

    How wide are the stripes on the ceiling? Love them and planning on doing some in my son’s room.

  2. Kris

    My daughter loves this idea for her room! Can you tell me the paint color used on the ceiling??

  3. Nan @ Playful Decor

    Hi Krista, I found your blog through Emily Clark’s site. I love this room and would like to showcase it on my blog. Please email if you’d like it to be included in my gallery. PlayfulDecor (at) gmail (dot) com.

  4. lemondropdreams

    I love the stripes, I convinced my friend to do the same thing in her home office. I also live the pink daybed. My mom still has my old one. I think it needs a makeover!!

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