TOMS: Eyewear.

You may know that I am a big fan of TOMS.  Therefore, I couldn’t be more excited that the company has decided to launch a line of eye wear.  Not only because of their stylish frames, but because they stand for something more.  TOMS is continuing their success in ONE FOR ONE giving, and for each pair of glasses that are sold, TOMS will provide medical treatment for someone who is visually impaired in countries that otherwise would not have such resources.  I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot better shelling out $140 for a pair of sunglasses, knowing that I am helping someone in need.

I applaud Blake and his company for their desire to help so many in underprivileged countries. Check out this video of Blake’s announcement launching the new line in June.  Amazing.

As Blake said in his announcement “From this day forward, TOMS is not a shoe company, it’s not an eye wear company, but it’s a one for one company.  What a great concept.  I wish them continued success in their philanthropic approach.
I can’t wait to buy a pair.  The only question is which one?

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  1. Zorina

    It’s fantastic, right? I’m thinking of purchasing a pair of sunglasses in the Fall, too from TOMS.

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