How to Line an Envelope.

After a post on Anna’s inviations, many of you asked about how to create envelope liners.  My apologies, I promised to give you a tutorial over two months ago.  So, here it is… better late than never!
  This is one of my favorite ways to dress up a homemade invitation or note.
The first step is buying the envelope liner kit from Paper Source.
   Next choose a paper, and trace the desired envelope size, face down.  (I took these pictures one handed, while performing the demo, so they are not the best.)
 Cut out the liners.
 Slide the liners into your envelope.
 Press down and fold to create a sharp crease.
Apply glue to top portion.
Press firmly, smooth out any bumps.
 Repeat as many times as needed.
And voila!
Now you’re ready to mail.

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