I Love You Like A…

Next week, Mike and I will celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary.  We are pretty simple, we don’t exchange gifts, and as some of you may know, this is a bittersweet day for me, so I like to keep it low-key.  I always like to get one funny card and one meaningful.  Unfortunately, I will be in California all of next week, so I’d like to leave a little something behind.  So I started my search for the perfect card.
This is like Mad-Libs.  I love you like a                      .
A Fat Kid Loves Cake (I have signed cards to him saying just that.)
A lemon?…  I guess this is a love/hate thing.  Probably not appropriate for our Anniversary.
Ok.. Maybe I should search for something a bit more meaningful….
Found it.  Our relationship started as a long-distance one.  So, when ending any email or text we have always signed OJ, or Olive Juice for I love you.