Perfectly Cast: Tia Zoldan.

Those of you who have been following Kiki’s list for a long time know about my girl crush on Tia Zoldan.  I met her a few years ago at my sister-in-law Christine’s baby shower.  I can’t tell you how much I lucked out in the in-law department. Not only do I adore Mike’s parents, but he has three fantastic siblings that also came with the package.  Christine, or Coosie as we call her lives in LA.  I adore her and was so happy to celebrate the arrival of my niece Colette (CiCi, as we call her… and yes, everyone in our family has a nickname) in 2009.
 Although it is tough having her so far away, we are so happy that she has such an amazing and supportive group of friends who are truly like family to her.  Coosie’s baby shower was held at the home of her friends Shannon and Nestor Carbonell.  I was so taken aback by the character and beauty of their home.  This is when I finally met the designer, Tia, another friend of Coosie’s (who I was dying to meet, because she helped Coos on her home.) Tia also happened to live next door to Shannon and Nestor.
At the time, Shannon’s husband Nestor was working in Hawaii on the show Lost and they were planning to move there as a family (they have two little boys) while Tia renovated their kitchen.  Well, the work is done, and the results are stunning.  Once again, Tia has hit the ball out of the park… Just check out the spread in Better Homes and Gardens this month.
 Love the infusion of red.  Tia painted the piece above the sofa.
 I am seriously dying over those floors.
The kitchen is now so light and airy.  It transitions beautifully to their outdoor patio. Hard to tell, but notice the same flooring outside?
I love that they did this feature on Tia.  When it comes to design, she could pretty much tell me to jump off of a bridge and I would gladly oblige.
For more design inspiration, hop on over to Tia’s blog for a daily dose of style.

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