Society Social.

I love highlighting women who follow their dreams, and Roxy of My Cup of Te is certainly following hers.  A self-proclaimed “ex-rat racer turned dream chaser,” Roxy has recently launched her own line of furniture called Society Social.  I couldn’t be more excited over the lines and colorways that she has to offer.
Now, being the entrepreneur that she is, Roxy didn’t just create a catalog to showcase her new line, she created a Magalog, that is, part magazine, part catalog.  Genius!  Being a Marketing major, I am so in love with this idea on so many levels… she is selling a lifestyle, not just a piece of furniture.)  You can check it out here.

One thought on “Society Social.

  1. Roxy Te

    Hi Krista! Roxy here! Thank you so very much for the fantastic write-up. It’s always a new brand of excitement when I come across shout-outs especially by people who really get me! I thought the magalog (marketing major as well!) was pretty genius too hahah jk jk On a serious note, thanks a million times over 🙂 Cheers to you!

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