I Don’t Know How She Does It.

Along with the millions of other working mothers out there, I am SO excited for the release of SJP’s new movie, I Don’t Know How She Does It today. This film, adapted from the British Novel written by Allison Pearson seems like it could so easily be any of us.   Often you will see the trials and tribulations of this working mother in my A Motherly Moment posts.  This scene was eerily similar to our lice outbreak last summer.  Now that it is behind me, I can laugh about it, and plan to when sitting in the theater.
One thing is for sure, motherhood is not glamorous, whether you stay at home or work outside of the home.  Dirty diapers, runny noses and of course the uber-gross bathroom moments are all part of the job.  I think we will all get a good chuckle out of these comedic gems.  Again, much funnier when you are looking in the rear view mirror.
I have friends that stay at home with their children, as well as friends that work to provide for their family.  Is there a right choice?  Of course not.  Being a mother is not an easy job for anyone.  Rewarding?  Yes.  But not easy.  I receive many emails from readers asking me how I maintain a family, a full time job, this blog and several other projects.  The fact is that something does have to give.   On a constant basis I feel the guilt of not being there for my children.  As many of you know, E started first grade this year and the fact that I have to hire a babysitter to pick her up at the bus stop each day does NOT sit well with me.  To add to the mounting pile of guilt,  I had to put her on a bus for her very first day of school, then hopped on a flight to California for five days.  I took the red eye home on Friday to spend “quality” time with my family, but was so exhausted that I couldn’t even keep my eyes open when I returned.
We all have goals in life and I can tell you that nobody can keep up this pace for long.  At some point we all have to set our limits.  I am so fortunate to have had the success that I have had professionally as well as the fulfillment and opportunities that this blog brings.  I (like every other mother) will have to make a choice, but rest assured that no matter what I choose, the one thing that will not give is my kids.