One Truly Outrageous Party.

Last weekend we celebrated E’s 6th birthday.  There were a few mishaps and threatening skies, but the weather held out and the party was a ball.


Happiest Birthday to our baby girl.   We had so much fun.   Now that her party is over, her sister has already started campaigning for her birthday party (in May.)
Party Styling- Krista Salmon
Photography- James Woo
Invitations- Krista Salmon
Cake Topper- Tastefully Treated
Cupcakes and Cookies-2 Sweets
Cupcake Wrappers- Scraptags
Floral Design- Krista Salmon
Pinata- Birchangel
Guitar Picks- Steve Clayton
Disco Balls- Party Depot
Gloves + Pins +Tatoos + Flower Pails- Michaels
Sunglasses + Michael Jackson Gloves + Microphones- Windy City Novelties
Reusable Goody Bags- Papermart
Materials for Backstage Passes- Staples

4 thoughts on “One Truly Outrageous Party.

  1. Alessandra Caporale

    GREAT job! I’m so enthusiastic that I’ll draw inspiration for my son’s 10th birthday! Ale

  2. Gemma

    I LOVE THIS! I watched Jem & the Holograms growing up and its been playing on The Hub recently (YAY). I might have to do this for my own birthday…I don’t care if I’m turning 26, LOL.

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