Lou’s Room: The Reveal.

Bit by bit, we have been working on Lou’s big girl room since last spring.  And I am proud to finally show all of you the finished product.
In between work, kids and blogging, we built the room, step by step.  It all started with a plan.
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Unfortunately, the fabric for the curtains has been discontinued.  It is a P. Kaufman fabric.  The Pattern is Camelot and the color is Lake.
We were able to repurpose the bed skirt from the crib to make the bed skirt and borders for the throw pillows.  The sconces were on sale at Restoration Hardware.
Corrine Marlowe painted the stripes on the ceiling in the same Melon Shine paint that I used on the bed.
 I kept the Little Castle glider from the nursery because I love it so much.  The store that I bought it from (that has since gone out of business) allowed me to customize it with my own fabrics.  The little chair was a gift that Mom brought back from Rhode Island when she found out I was pregnant with E.
 Luckily our changing table was convertible.  The mirror was a originally a butterfly picture that I scored on clearance at Home Goods.  I painted it Pear Green.
I knew exactly what I wanted for the chandelier… the problem is that it didn’t exist.
Then I found Lindsey at Simply Salvage, who worked tirelessly on this baby.  Poor Lindsey had no idea what she got herself into with me.  This took over 4,000 hand painted beads.  She painted them Bird’s Egg to match the walls.
My little Lou Lou Bug simply adores her room.  When it was finally done she stayed in there for hours.  While in another room, I heard her talking to herself saying “This is a dream come true!!!  I love my room.  I love my chandelier… I love my pink bed… I love my special lights (that would be the sconces.)….  I love my flowers.. ” Yada, yada, yada.  It warmed my heart.  And that my friends, made it all worth it.  She has slept in her room every night since.

56 thoughts on “Lou’s Room: The Reveal.

  1. Sherry Jordan

    Can you tell me what pieces from Ikea #11 and 12 are that created the drawers for the Ikea tower unit?

    Thank you

  2. Kim Norris

    Hi, I stumbled upon your blog while looking for ideas for my daughter’s playroom! Love the striped ceiling in your daughter’s room. Do you know approximately the width of the stripes? I have enjoyed seeing your posts while scrolling through to find this picture;)

    Thank you!

  3. Rachael

    Hi Krista- how thick is the crown you installed in Lou’s room and how did you attach it above the Besta shelving?

  4. Krista Salmon Post author

    Sure thing- the bed was actually mine when I was a little girl… I painted it for Lou. 😉

  5. Esther

    hi, love this room…you have amazing taste. do you remember the name of the blue paint and coral paint you used? and from what company?

  6. tonya

    Hi! I was wondering how you painted the bed?! Did you use a certain kind of paint? We got my daughter a bed just like this but I’m not crazy about the creme color and thought of painting it and just have no clue where to start! Thanks!

  7. Krista Salmon

    Hi Laura-

    I am so sorry, but the fabric has been discontinued. I have so many readers email me about this fabric– I wish they would make it again! It’s a P Kaufman fabric. The pattern is Camelot and the color is Lake. I have scoured the internet trying to find it for my readers, but no such luck. 🙁

  8. Laura Palmer

    This room is beautiful!! I am redoing my girls room and stumbled upon this room. Exactly the colors I wanted as well. Where did you find the fabric for the curtains? I tried to click on the helpful picture you have but it does not show anything?? Can you please give let me know, thanks.

  9. Dianne Grover

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful room designs. This really looks so refreshing and the details are simply amazing. Those who would see this post will be inspired and maybe come up with their own ideas for their cabinets NJ or closet space as well. The striped ceiling is so unique and the addition of the light fixture completes it all. This room is such an inspiration and will certainly benefit several homeowners.

  10. Sherry Miser

    I am wondering about the bedskirt…did you just velcro it on the sides? I am planning one for my daughters daybed and I am not sure what to do.

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