I think it’s safe to say that we are all tightening our belts this holiday season.  One of my favorite things to do with my girls during the holidays is to make Peppermint Bark.  It’s so easy and fun, and a great gift for hostesses or co-workers.  It has three simple ingredients 1.) Milk Chocolate (I use Ghiradelli, they sell big chunks of it at Trader Joe’s.) 2.) White Chocolate  3.) Crushed Candy Canes.
Recipe here.
If Peppermint Bark is not your thing, here are a few other Peppermintlicious holiday treats to tickle your fancy.

3 thoughts on “Peppermintlicious.

  1. Elizabeth

    Krista, I have one you will love – i crush up peppermint bark, buy mint ice cream, make ice cream sandwiches with the chocolate wafer cookies and roll the edges of the sandwich in the peppermint bark. Just wrap them in wax paper and then foil and you have a perfect holiday dessert. Yummy!

  2. Kelly

    Loving peppermint bark this time of year + living two blocks from Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco = death to my waistband!

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