My Living Room Project.

Last week I showed you all my beloved God Bless Our Pad pillow that I had made from a needlepoint that I found on Craigslist.  I had mentioned that we have some exciting things in the works for our living room…Here is what it looked like a few years ago.  Clearly I was in to cottage florals.

 That sofa was the last piece of furniture from Mike’s bachelorhood.

 All of the upholstery was from our old townhouse, I had the chair and window treatments made before we even got married.  The wall color in the living room was chosen by the original owners of our house. I chose the red in the dining room- Drama Red by Behr.  I still love that color.

Here are the plans for our new living room…

While I hesitate to show you all the picture of what it looks like right now, after so many of you mentioned how you loved to follow the design process of Lou’s room, I decided to unveil this train-wreck of a room. 

So many things in this room will be 86’ed.. The skirted table, the sofa, the ugly throw pillows (not the GBOP pillow, of course) will all be going.  
The honeycomb mirror over the piano will be moving upstairs in our hallway, to be replaced by my Louis Vuitton dumpster find from our trip to Charleston last summer.  I have finally unwrapped her and now need to figure out how the hell to hang her.  
Here are the HIDEOUS chairs that I bought off of Craig’s List.  They will be reupholstered in this delicious turquoise linen.
As you can see, the living room and dining room are connected (no wall.)
So I tried to unify the space with some custom curtains that I had hand-painted by Corinne Marlow, who also painted the stripes in Lou’s room.  I love the color.  I searched for months for the perfect yellow and I found it.
  I told Corinne what I wanted and she handmade the stencil herself.

The only regret that I have is that they are linen and wrinkle quite a bit. 

Right now we have 12 dining room chairs (two different sets) all of which are being sold and replaced with something very exciting.
Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “My Living Room Project.

  1. Alecia

    I’m so impressed with the progress you’ve already made…I can’t WAIT to see it all finished…I’m super pumped to see what chairs you get for the dining room!

  2. Angeline

    Really gorgeous space – I’m in love with the turquiose, yellow and black & white – What a great vision you have! The “hideous chairs” comment made me laugh out loud- before the holidays, I purchased 2 wing chairs that need a makeover…baad. 🙂

  3. Jennifer

    Wow! Gorgeous! I’m excited to see it as it comes along. I ordered a black and white chevron rug for our nursery knowing that I’d love to use it one day in our living room! Great job!

  4. NPL

    Looks great!! Thanks for sharing your progress so far! Can you tell me where your curtain rods/hooks and coffee table are from? I love them and want some have wanted add some pieces like that in my living room!

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