Fashion Friday: Loving Leopard.

I adore animal prints.  Leopard and Zebra are at the top of my list. I love to rock my Wildcat blouse from J. Crew.  ( Sold out, #1 below.)
Whenever I wear it, Mike calls me Peg Bundy.  So, it got me to thinking that there is a lot of tasteful leopard out there, but there is even more not-so-tasteful leopard.  First, let’s take a look at leopard done right.
This is obviously leopard gone wrong.  
Here are some tips to get it right:
  • Leopard print clothing should not be tight.
  • Stay away from spandex, rayon and velour.
  • Leopard print is a statement.  Don’t make too many statements in one outfit.
  • Stick to one leopard print piece per outfit.  (Steer clear of matching shoes, handbag, etc.)
  • For a more updated look, mix leopard print with bright fun colors, think green, blue, orange, pink.
  • Stay away from leopard athletic wear.
  • Everything in moderation.  
Here are some of my favorite leopard items of the moment.  Please do not wear more than one at a time. 😉
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 

2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Loving Leopard.

  1. Nat

    I love leopard print- I def think you can walk a fine line with it though! Everytime I wear my leopard print slippers my husband calls them my cheetah paws

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