A Composition of Perfection.

Every Mom loves to hang onto the pieces of artwork that their child creates.  I keep mine on a bulletin board in our craft room.  But now with two kids and 10 collective years of artwork, I am having a hard time displaying it all.  Well, I have just found what I want for Mother’s Day.
Jan Eleni is a New York based designer who will create a Guggenheim-worthy collage of your child’s artwork.  Eleni offers two options for collages: a hand-cut collection of archival-quality images that are professionally framed (prices start at $3,800), or a less- expensive option of a printed custom collage (prices starting at $950.)

Not sure if this is in the budget for this Mother’s Day…. I am feeling a new DIY project coming my way!

8 thoughts on “A Composition of Perfection.

  1. Ashley

    Did you ever make this? I’m wanting to try but not sure where to start!

  2. kate

    I, too, saw this on Novogratz, and NO way is even the 950 version affordable. GOT to help us do a DIY, maybe the scanning we can figure out, but I’d need help purchasing the wood, and glass, and stufff to make the giant, awesome frames. They look great with the three of them, but there has GOT to be a cheaper way than some 300+ bucks each. Let us know if you figure out a DIY. Kate

  3. The Now

    I don’t have children but I bookmarked her site for when I do!! I saw her work on that HGTV show with the Novagratz’s and am a big fan!! xoxo elizabeth

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