Shelter Envy: Brooke Shields.

I have always loved Brooke Shields.  I think she is so beautiful.  Did you know that at 14 she was the youngest Vogue covergirl?  I am still bummed that Lipstick Jungle got canceled…. Seriously, it was a great show!  She also wrote one of my favorite children’s books that I read to my girls every night for what seems like two years, Welcome to Your World, Baby.
Anywho, when I was browsing the magazine section at the grocery store, I came across a a stunning room on the cover of Architectural Digest (I always kick myself for not subscribing as the money I have wasted on buying single issues could pay for my kids’ college education… Note to self– subscribe today.)  As a self-professed Brooke lover, I am sure that you can imagine my excitement to see her posing next to the oh-so-perfect mantle.  Just look at these drool-worthy shots of her Upper East Side townhouse!

4 thoughts on “Shelter Envy: Brooke Shields.

  1. Eclipse

    This isn’t her home. It’s a New England bed and breakfast. She just did a photo shoot there.

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