Ikea Rast to Dorothy Draper.

I had been searching for the perfect side tables for our living room for what seems like forever.  I saw a few Rast DIY’s on various blogs and figured if I couldn’t buy them, I’d make them.  Much to Mike’s dismay, this was a project that I (ahem) we were going to take on.  These tables were a true labor of love.

 I thought it would be easy, but it took many weekends and trips to Home Depot.   Here’s what we started with: two Ikea Rast Dressers  (At $34.99 the price can’t be beat!)

 and a cart full of spray paint.  That little spray grip was a lifesaver, because I practically went through every last can of spray paint that you see below.
 Here is the how-to.  You may want to eliminate some of these steps and learn from my mistakes.
1.) Assemble the bases, but not the drawers (or have your husband do it while he is watching football.)
2) Spray on on two coats of primer.  BE SURE TO SAND THOROUGHLY between coats. (I wish I had)  I recommend sanding blocks versus sandpaper for this one.
3.) I sprayed on a lacquer and I am not sure if it was the fact that it was 20 degrees outside, or that the lacquer wasn’t cutting it (see those spots?) After six cans of black lacquer I had to switch gears.
4.)  After a SERIOUS sanding, I repainted everything with a black oil-based polyurethane.  I used a roller to apply it.  Polyurethane takes at least 12 hours to dry.  I gave it 2 days.  (Helpful hint: Skip the lacquer paint and go right to this step.)

5.) Next I Sanded and painted my O’verlays with Krylon Gold Spray paint. I love the rose-gold undertones in that paint.  I also used that paint for my Intaglio frames in the dining room.   I let them dry for a day and sealed with a clear lacquer.

6.) Attempted to assemble the dressers.  Mike had to bail me out on this one.

7.) Installed 12 of this brass hardware. (Burnished Bronze, 51 mm x 43 mm)
8.) Super glued the O’verlays on as well as a few of my fingers together.

And here is the final result:

Recognize that lamp?  Next week I will post how I gave it a make-over in 20 minutes.

10 thoughts on “Ikea Rast to Dorothy Draper.

  1. Nat

    The look AMAZING!! A true labor of love- it’s got to be so worth it every time you walk in the room!

  2. Chloe V

    WOW!!! What a makeover, you have done a truly FANTASTIC job, congrats to you and your better half. They look stunning!

  3. Fran

    They look great! It sounds like a labor of love! I am all too familiar w/the ikea rast which I used for our bedroom night tables. Painted them 3 times before getting it right….my husband (who did the painting) was not amused! 🙂

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