4 Little Ghosts.

I LUST after these lucite stools from CB2.  I hunted them down after seeing them in this kitchen.
That being said, they were a little to big for my kitchen, and my budget.
We have a small galley between our kitchen island and our refrigerator.   But the girls love to cook with me and get tired of standing on step stools.
 So, I found the perfect acrylic stools to fit my kitchen and my budget.  ($199.95 for two!)
To upholster or not to upholster, that is the question.

8 thoughts on “4 Little Ghosts.

  1. The 5 Bickies

    Love those stools…wish I had an island for them.
    Do you know the source of the first photo? I found your blog through a pinterest search for painted kitchen cabinets. Mine desperately need to be painted and the colors in the first photo would really complement the colors in my adjacent family room.

  2. The Now

    A. your kitchen is so pretty!! B. Those lucite stools are so cool!! I have a ghost chair and it is pretty scratched up so maybe upholster them! Plus the upholstered ones look really cute!! xoox elizabeth

  3. Hunted Interior

    LOVE! Test out your lucite stool (in an inconspicuous place) to see how easily it scratches with metal. The chairs tend to not like Jean rivets on back pockets.. If it scratches upholster. (I am currently lusting over that Circa Lighting Pendant!)

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