10 thoughts on “Favorite Throw.

  1. Full House

    As a matter of fact I have three of them to go with the 3 boys that live in my home. They are really great for the price.

  2. The Now

    oooohh what pretty colors. I don’t have one but I may have to get one now!!! And they’re washable?? Done! xoxoxo Elizabeth

  3. Ann

    I have them and hope they’re never discontinued. They’re washable (!!!) and soft acrylic. For the price they’re great. I haven’t had much shedding but I have a husky so I am a frequent lint roller/dyson-er anyways! I have the cream and the blue although the blue is a very grey blue instead of sky blue which I was not expecting when I ordered it.

  4. Hilary

    I have the green and cream striped throw and I love it. Very snuggly and the color is perfect for spring. It is pretty fuzzy though so beware when wearing anything black.

  5. Emily A. Clark

    I haven’t bought one yet but am waiting for the yellow to come back in stock. Curious to see if other readers have had good luck with them. . .

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