Funky & Fresh.

Can we talk about Spoonflower for a minute?  If you are not aware, it’s a site where you can design your own fabric OR buy fabric from artists who have already created their own.  I am in love.  I was getting SO tired of the same old fabrics popping up everywhere.  I am using a ton of Spoonflower fabrics on upcoming projects.  And I’ve been getting the nicest emails from the artists after purchasing their design.  So intimate.  My only beef is that the fabric samples cost $5 per swatch.  Pretty hefty price tag- I think I’ve spent over $150 in samples so far.  Here are some of my faves:


10 thoughts on “Funky & Fresh.

  1. Andi

    Thanks, Krista, for adding me to your great list! Spoonflower is getting better by the day! I do agree that $5 is a bit much for swatches – we even have to pay that for our own swatches! (unless we order the collection together) I’m hoping that they will lower prices per swatch, or offer lower prices on multiple swatches for designers, decorators, shop owners, etc. I’ll keep you posted on that!


  2. lemondropdreams

    I’ve never bought from spoonflower but I am obsessed with the fabrics…I think $5 is hefty too, I’d love it if they were half the price. I recognize a lot of the same fabrics I have pinned! Would you mind sharing the link to the orange and white? I haven’t seen that one yet!!

  3. J and V

    I cannot get enough of this site! I think I am using a fabric from there for my daughter’s room! Love your pics!

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