It’s a Beautiful Day….

I rarely watch TV, but I do have a few guilty pleasures and one of them (and has been since the premiere) is Flipping Out.  Nothing better than spending a few hours in my bed when a FO Bravo marathon comes on… It’s like a gift from heaven.  Speaking of gifts from heaven… Can we talk about Jeff Lewis for a minute?  Clearly there is not a straight bone in his body… but just look at that face… What a gyp.  If he only played for the other team, we could combine our OCD tendencies to conquer all.
I digress.  The reason that I am writing about Jeff Lewis is because it seems like every place that I call into lately says “It’s a beautiful day at _____.”  or “It’s a great day at ______.”  Has anyone else experienced this?  Just another example of how my gay boyfriend is taking over the world.

3 thoughts on “It’s a Beautiful Day….

  1. Star1051

    My work answers the phone… “Its a great day at Atria ……. …….” We have been doing so for 10 years. Maybe Jeff Lewis borrowed it from us 😉

  2. The Now

    He is my pretend boyfriend. I love him so much…and his sense of humor makes me love him even more. xoxo Elizabeth

  3. Kelly

    Do you watch his new show on Bravo, “Interior Therapy”? I think it is even better than Flipping Out. Love him!

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