The Problem With Interpretation.

You say purple, I say blue.

I am so happy with the way E’s walls have turned out.  I ended up paying my go-to painter Corinne, to do the walls because I honestly had no idea when I was going to get to it.  At first I felt like a failure because I love doing things myself and feel like I should be like all of the other bloggers who do EVERYTHING themselves.  Then I realize that I have a full-time job and two kids and I would rather spend the weekend playing with my kids that painting a room.  Thus, the decision was made.  Here is a teaser picture (taken with an iPad) while in progress.

Obviously, these pillows were a huge part of my inspiration.  I saw them and just had to have them.
Next up.. I was looking for a bench that would be the perfect size for her bed.  At first, I insisted on a storage bench, so I scoured HomeGoods to find one.  I came home with this leather one, thinking I would reupholster in it a beautiful purple velvet.
However, the gorgeous purple velvet that I wanted was far more than what I wanted to spend on a bench for a six-year old so I continued my search and found this
Perfect, right?  And who can beat the price!  SOLD.  So I bought it and it showed up at my doorstep the next day.  Only problem is that it wasn’t purple as advertised… it was clearly Navy Blue.   

Looking a little more like this 
BUMMER.  Can you say false advertising?  When I called BJ’s they said that the color is actually Navy, not purple.  As you can see they have now edited the posting to more accurately represent the actual product.  That doesn’t help my situation.   They now have a p-i-s-s-e-d six year old to deal with.

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  1. The Now

    Booo…false advertising is right. I love it though, would you consider re-upholstering? And your bedroom is looking so fab! xoox Elizabeth

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