From Blah to BAM!

Let me take you through the transformation of a cabinet….
This picture is just plain embarrassing.. We used to use this in our family room to store our baby arsenal of diapers, wipes and burp cloths.  I actually took these photos three years ago because I was going to sell it on Craig’s List.
as you can see, it was distressed..
I decided to give her one more chance, so we moved it to the foyer as a catch all for everything that comes into our house.  Chinese Red was the color that came to mind.  It was really hard finding the perfect red.  It turned out to be Red Geranium by Glidden.  (That’s the sample smack dab in the middle.)
I painted on a sample to make sure it was just the right color.
And it was!  I removed the starbursts from the existing draw pulls and spray painted all of the hardware in Rustoleum Brass spray paint. As you can see, this needs more styling and I still need touch up some areas but nonetheless I am super happy with the results.  It brings a smile to my face every day when I walk in the door.
Last image taken by Ryann Colleen Photography

8 thoughts on “From Blah to BAM!

  1. janes12734

    It turned out beautiful! You might want to think about lightening the interior so your treasures show up better. Wallpaper? Stenciling? Cream paint? Gold? It is wonderful.

  2. My Crafty Home Life

    I have a piece of furniture similar to the before. I think I will give it another look. This looks beautiful. By the way, do you know that you have word verification on?

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