A Sneak Peek…

As you may already know, E wanted her room redone for her 7th birthday (which isn’t until September, btw.. but at the rate I am going I am lucky to have it done by Christmas.)  So, while the painters were at the house, I had them paint our guest bedroom, and I couldn’t be more in love.  I chose Silver Chime by Duron.  It’s so calming.  When I first painted a swatch on the walls, I thought they forgot to mix it and gave me a can of white paint.  It’s ever-so-grey and ever-so-calming.  Of course, I am a color girl and plan on turning up the color with artwork and accessories.  My quest for color started with my framed Vera Scarf that I bought months ago.
 I finally found the perfect frame (I had to save up for it) and couldn’t be more excited with the outcome.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to give you a full reveal much sooner than Christmas. 😉

16 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek…

  1. Sue Shone

    I don’t see your source for the frame, or how to find the “reveal” that you promise to tell where it came from. Help please!

      1. Sue Shone

        Thank you and…WOW! That room is amazing! I tried to click through all of your posts to see the reveal, but stopped somewhere in August. Thanks for the link!

  2. Ally @ Fever Thrift

    Sorry to be another one to ask where you got the frame, but I’m dying to know! I’ve spent a ton of time looking for frames for scarves but I’ve had no luck. I’m even having a hard time finding square frames.

  3. lab10

    Would you please share where you found the frame. I have an Hermes scarf that I’m dying to frame, and I love the simple lines of this frame…Thanks!

  4. Anne

    I see that a lot of others had the same question but… Could you please share where you purchased your frame? I love the sleek design!

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