Not Your Typical Model Home.

I have an addiction to houses.  Seriously, it’s a problem.  Perhaps it’s because I am a Realtor’s daughter and so many of my childhood memories were spent at open houses.  If allowed, I could spend an entire Sunday fluttering from one open house to another.  Unfortunately, my schedule doesn’t permit that, but on  a whim a stopped by an open house by M/I Homes in a new development near us.  Generally, when walking through an open house I am overly critical of the over-the-top decor and fake ficus trees.  Not this house.  This one stopped me in my tracks.  This was the only open house that I have ever been in that I could move into as is.    Here are some of the highlights (taken with my iPhone…)
 The family room which took my breath away.
 Just look at that ceiling!
 I loved all of the furniture.
 The kitchen.  Complete with Carrara marble tile.
The kitchen eating area.
Just look at this porch off of the kitchen!
 The dining room.
Look at these gorgeous stairs!
 GBR # 1
 GBR #2
 One of three guest bathrooms upstairs.
Entryway to the basement.
The Bar.
Loved this Media Room.
There are many more rooms that I did not snap, like the home gym, umpteen bathrooms and additional GBR.  Sure, I’d make a few changes, but a tip of the hat to you, M/I Homes… You knocked this one out of the park!

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  1. hannah

    What a beautiful home! That is so beautifully decorated and staged – what a wonderful job! I am obsessed with beautiful US homes at the moment. Homes in Sydney are so small thanks to insane property prices! x

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