My Top 10 Floral Design Tips.

Many people have asked me about my floral designs.  YES, I created them, YES, they are store bought flowers and YES you can do it too!  Flowers are one of my favorite ways to treat myself.  I am so happy when they are in my home.   You can fill your home with beautiful flowers as well (and not pay top dollar at a florist.) Here are my top 10 tips for creating beautiful arrangements:

1.) Be Random.  Turn on some music and let the flowers go where they will.  If you focus too much on patterns, it will end up looking like something from FTD.
2.) Clean Your Stems.  #1 Rule for a compact arrangement.  Make sure to pull of all leaves, thorns and excess limbs.  Not only will this detract from your arrangement, it will take up extra space not to mention make the water uber-slimy.
 3.) Cut Your Stems As You Go.  You will need to vary the length of your stems with the tallest stems being in the center and gradually shorter stems towards the base of the vase. Cut flowers longer than you think you will need, you can always cut them shorter.  As I mentioned above, you will have the tallest stems in the center of the arrangement.
4.) Forget The Packets.  Just change the water after two days.  Most flower arrangements will last you up to a full week. Put them somewhere you can enjoy them.
5.) Arrange in Odd Numbers.  While you want your design to tailored, believe it or not, an odd number of large blooms will create more of a balance.
6.) Get Creative With Your Fillers.  Steer clear of most of the fillers you get at the store.  Think outside the box; fruit, berries, cabbage heads, bear grass and hydrangea leaves are some of my favorites.
7.) Don’t Be Afraid of Carnations Anymore. (Just be cautious, there are some really tacky carnations out there.) There are many more varieties of carnations these days.  They can look quite stunning and can be a cost-effective alternative to roses.  I would not use them for a party in the evening, but they are perfect for a casual, daytime soiree.
8.) Open Up Your Flowers.  Roses are the most specific example that I can use here.  When you buy them, generally, they are closed up tight.  Carefully glide your finger along the perimeter (starting on the outside petals) of the rose and gently open it.  Move from one petal to the next like a maze.
9.) Always Be On The Lookout For Great Containers.  Michaels and HomeGoods are great places to find unusual containers.  I also love looking around my house and rediscovering something that I thought I had.

10.) Practice, Practice, Practice.  You will get better with each arrangement you create!

9 thoughts on “My Top 10 Floral Design Tips.

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    At Todich Floral Design we like to be bold and inventive, enhancing the overall mood with corporate arrangements, private events flowers, as well as with hotel flowers and bar flowers and plants.

  2. Kira Amolsch Mayrides

    Great tips! Cutting the stems at a slant under running water also helps to prolong the life of the flowers. That’s a “Martha” tip I read years ago in her magazine. :0)

  3. Dana Frieling

    I’ll take one of each please! They’re all so pretty. I’ve recently helped a floral designer friend of mine with several events and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how easy it is!

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