‘Round Here.

I have been wrestling with the layout of our living room for years.  We’ve moved the sofa on every wall in the room.  Last weekend we rearranged the furniture once again to incorporate a buffet that I got on clearance at HomeGoods.  Interestingly enough, now the sofa is not up against any wall, and we used the buffet as a sofa table that is adjacent to the front door.  I LOVE how it opens up the entire room.  

 Now I will need to work on centering the butterfly prints and find some new items to style those DD Tables.  E actually styled them here… not so bad, eh?  The most exciting part?  I have saved my pennies and the wingback chairs are FINALLY going out for reupholstery in two weeks.  H E L L O   T U R Q U O I S E   L I N E N.   They are seriously the best buy I’ve ever made on Craig’s List-  so comfortable!  We are loving this new setup and spent more time in our living room last weekend than we have in the entire eight years we’ve lived here.  Lou has even set up her own restaurant.  (Can you see Rudolph above?  He was her first customer.)  She’s been getting great use out of our new ottomans!

For those of you who have followed the progress of this room, you are probably asking where my DIY lamps are… No fear, they have been repurposed in the foyer.
I just love repurposing items in our house to new spaces… It almost makes me feel like I got away with something! 

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  1. Julia {Pawleys Island Posh}

    I love this! I’m a big fan of sofa’s floating in the room. Sadly, my sofa doesn’t work that way in our current house. I did relocate the sofa table from behind the table to the wall opposite my desk last night and stayed up late styling it I was so excited!

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