Jonathan Adler.

A few days before our trip to New York, I received an email that made me SQUEAL with joy.  I was invited to Jonathan Adler’s NYC Studio for an event that he was co-hosting with Diet Pepsi.  It seemed almost serendipitous that this happened to be on the very same day that we were arriving in New York. I felt SO guilty taking time away from my special trip with E, but when I presented my friend Mae with my dilemma, she insisted that I go and she took the girls to Time Square for the afternoon.  (Talk about a great friend, eh?)  E, by the way didn’t even flinch at the thought of being without me.
Our train pulled into Penn Station, we ran to the hotel and I slapped on some deodorant and fresh clothes and hopped into a cab headed for downtown.  Unfortunately, due to a major traffic jam I was a half an hour late.  I ran upstairs, wiped the sweat off of my brow and into the studio I went.  When I arrived I was in awe at all of the color and textures before me.

 Approximately three minutes after my arrival the wonderful ladies who were sponsoring the event told me that they decided to “shake up” the plan and that we were doing one-on-one interviews with JA.  “I’m sorry, WHAT?”  and within two more minutes I had a guy snaking a mic up my shirt and cameras in my face…… and there I was…… standing with Jonathan….. thinking “Damn, I wish I didn’t wear these wedges, I look like I am about to EAT him.”  Seriously, I look like a wookie standing next to him.  But never mind that.   It was time to pull myself together…   THINK, DAMNIT, THINK….. Questions, questions, what questions to ask?….. After fumbling through my words I was actually able to get some great dets out of the domestic god……

  • Favorite Color:  He said it was Sophie’s Choice… but Orange (knew it!)
  • Favorite Drink:  The Jonathan Adler (Iced Tea and Milk)  I’m pretty sure I gave him the “who farted?” look when he said that.
  • Favorite Flower:  Ranunculous  (at this point I told him that we were soul mates.)
  • Favorite JA Product:  Peacock Shoehorn (That one surprised me!)   
Jonathan was jut as warm, witty and hilarious as I expected.  I had such a great time!

So, now to the real reason that we were there… Jonathan is creating these Limited Edition straws for Diet Pepsi.  They will only be available in select Target Stores nationwide this summer.  We were each sent home with a set.. and they are super cute!  Of course the girls wanted to use them and I immediately snarked “NO!”… Seriously, I might have those straws buried with me when I die.

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  1. Dana Frieling

    Oh my! So much fun for you. Glad your friend was generous enough to help you out. It would have been a cryin’ shame to miss out on this opportunity!

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