Can’t Teach An Old Dog….

So I finally got my Craig’s List Chairs reupholstered in the perfect shade of turquoise. ¬†Looks like Bailey doesn’t give a sh%t about the new house rules.
In other living room news, I am so in love with our new piano bench.
I took Grandma’s old piano bench and covered it with a metallic cowhide that I found here.

Here is the before….

And after….

7 thoughts on “Can’t Teach An Old Dog….

  1. Angeline

    Love the chairs! Beautiful room – the drapes and rods are so great – love the idea of covering the piano bench, as well – you’re awesome!

  2. designchic

    Your room looks so beautiful and love the punch the turquoise chairs give the room. Dying over the idea of covering your piano bench in the cowhide…genius!!

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