Thinking Pink.

Our master bathroom is waaaay overdue for a makeover.  Now the question is what to do, and how fast can I scrape together the money to do it.  The girls bathroom is also ready for a makeover, and I figured, why not do it all at once?  For some reason, I keep putting my room on hold and continue to focus on theirs… And I can’t help but think pink wallpaper.  By now, you all know, pink is my absolute favorite color…. I just don’t think I can resist.  Here are some contenders…

2 thoughts on “Thinking Pink.

  1. leanne

    I adore the guadaloupe wallpaper and have it on my wish list! It’s so happy! Wish I didn’t rent. They are all gorgeous though and pink is good for the soul 🙂

  2. The Now

    Oooohhh These are all so pretty. Every time I’d pick a favorite, I’d scroll down and have a new fave!! xoxo

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