5 Day Hair.

Some of you may remember a few weeks ago, when I went to New York and got some beach waves courtesy of blow.  Did you know that they are the original blow dry bar?  I was super impressed with the stylists as well as the products.

True story-  My stylist asked me if she needed to wash my hair before she curled it and I said “Probably…  I am on day 2.”  She literally laughed at me and said “DAY 2????  Honey, I wash my hair once a week!”  As I went on to talk to other stylists, they all admit to washing their hair only 2x a week.  So I asked them how they get away with it and they (of course) told me dry shampoo.  Now, I am no stranger to dry shampoo, but I find myself using it on Day 2 and needing to wash my hair after that.  Then they introduced me to the blow pro faux dry shampoo..  I have been using it since my visit and just stocked up on two more bottles.  I am obsessed.  Now, I still will only go a maximum of three days with it, but man does it make my hair feel clean and voluminous!   
Another secret?  They also make this awesome shower cap that has a terry cloth inner lining that protects your hair from the moisture created with a regular shower cap.  Love it!

6 thoughts on “5 Day Hair.

  1. katieokeefeblog

    Thanks for this rec – I’m always looking for a good dry shampoo! My job calls for early mornings and very late hours so I sometimes don’t have time for a full shampooing and blowout. I’ll have to try this. 🙂

  2. Stacey {steward of design}

    Thanks for the tips on the dry shampoo and shower cap. I have been told to not wash my hair everyday for years but have a hard time getting past every other day. This may help. Thanks!

  3. Emily A. Clark

    I have never even thought about using dry shampoo but this might be my answer since I barely have time to take a shower these days, much less wash and blow dry my hair. Thanks for the post!

  4. Jill

    I swear I only wash my hair 2x a week now. I also use dry shampoo between washes, I use Stila only because is smells so good. The dirtier my hair is the better is looks.

    We have our first drybar opening here in STL in 2 weeks and I cannot wait

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