Fashion Friday: The Homestead.

We are off for another Fall weekend at the Homestead.   We had so much fun last year.

Now, I’m not what you would say an outdoorsy girl.  How do you mix style and comfort?  Here’s what I am thinking.  (You won’t beleive where I found that leather satchel!)

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3 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: The Homestead.

  1. cbn

    I love the scarf you’re wearing in the picture above. Any chance it’s a recent purchase and you could share the source? Thanks!

  2. A.W.

    You have amazing style! Also, I read on another blog that a tip for using dry shampoo is to put it in your hair before bed so it soaks up oil (gross) while you sleep. This person swore by it and said it was the best tip EVER. Have fun on your weekend getaway.

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