E’s Room… Coming Along.

As most of you know, we are in the midst of redesigning E’s room.  She wanted purple and pink… her two favorite colors.  That was all I needed to get started.  When designing a room, I start with one thing, whether it be a piece of art, rug or piece of furniture- and build on it.  For E’s room- It all started with these pillows.  I fell in love.  
We painted the walls months ago.. but due to life and health issues, had a major hault.  Slowly but surely we are piecing it together. 

You saw her new ottoman

I am so in love.  And totally jealous.

 We added some really beautiful polished nailheads and added a skirt because I was not in love with the legs.

The reason that I chose it is because of the great storage space.

She’s got her reading chair.

and her new lamp.

And fully dressed windows.

Next up– I need to hang her Juju Hat that is sitting in the corner… More on that debacle later.

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