Oh, This Girl is Good.

One of my besties who is the ultimate Super-Mom (she is a VP, just had her 4th kid and literally took 36 hours maternity leave, but constantly amazes me with her ability to do it all) and has NO time for herself sent this video to me from Maskcara.

After becoming a master at 5-Minute Mommy Make-Up, I thought I could move up a level and try HACing like a pro, I mean Cara makes it look so easy!

You have to check out her blog.  There are countless tips on how to up your game!  Like the The Science of Brushes.

Sexy Hair Tutorial

Keep ’em coming, Cara.. I am LOVING it!

4 thoughts on “Oh, This Girl is Good.

  1. Lauren Bugglin

    I dont really wear makeup because I dont know how to put it on correctly… but her blog and tutorials are so helpful! defiantly trying this! she is so pretty !

  2. Ann

    OH I do love her work. I found her on pinterest several weeks ago, her faux pregnancy glow has been so helpful for surviving holiday parties this season!

  3. hannah

    I love her blog – she taught me how important contouring is, changed my life. Or at least it changed how my face looks…haha.

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