Gettin’ Shit Done.

The winter break gave me some time to ramp up on some projects that have been sitting on the bench for a while.  What frustrates me most is that I want instant gratification.  Unfortunately, some of these projects have now been started but are now on hiatus.  Like our living room for example.  I finally got my light fixtures installed, then I needed to have the drywall repair done on the ceiling to make way for the grasscloth wallpaper install.
 (That’s little Lou carefully watching our contractor Andy cut holes in our ceiling.)

 I couldn’t wait to get the picture light hung to highlight my butterfly collection.  I love it even more now.

I had a nervous breakdown when I realized that the raffia paper that I ordered is way to irregular and will show lines on the ceiling, no matter how well it is hung, so back to the drawing board to find the perfect paper.  Grrrrr…
As you know, my quest for Turtle Shells ended at Target, with Nate’s porcelain shells.  However, I was not psyched about the color selection.  
 So I amped them up with some gold spray paint.

We also finally got E’s Juju hat hung in her room.  (I accidentally broke the strings in the back and we had to restring the entire thing.)  Oye.

Just a few more things to do in her room and we will be ready for the big reveal!

I also bribed my Pops to hang the chandelier in the Guest Bedroom.

As you can see we need to do some paint touch-up around the base.
All-in-all, things are coming together.  Now that it is back to the daily grind, progress will be sporadic, but bit by bit, we’ll get there.

11 thoughts on “Gettin’ Shit Done.

  1. Gascoyne Family

    Everything looks great! Love the juju hat. Can you tell me where you got yours from as I have been considering getting one for over my bed. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kristin

    The lamp over the butterflies just makes the whole room! And the crystal chandelier looks fab in the guest room – did you have to hang all the pendants wearing the little white gloves? Let me know if Pops is willing to accept bribes at my house…

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