Fat Amy.

If you haven’t seen Pitch Perfect, you are seriously missing out.  Fat Amy has to be one of the funniest characters on-screen EVER. 
 On a serious note, the fact that everything is acapella is quite impressive- the creativity and talent of some of these actors is overwhelming.  Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow astounded me with their musical chops. While the movie in it’s entirety is wildly inappropriate for kids, we downloaded it on iTunes and let the girls watch all of the performance scenes. They are seriously obsessed.   So, as you can imagine, we also also own the soundtrack, which is on a continuous loop where ever we go. Every track is undeniable.  There is not a song included that will make you feel anything less than awesome.   Price Tag (#11) is numero uno in our book.    Of course, Fat Amy’s part is their favorite.  I couldn’t find a good video clip of that performance, so here is our #2 pick.  

6 thoughts on “Fat Amy.

  1. zcan

    I rented Pitch Perfect today because of this post and I loved it!! Such a great movie. Thanks for the tip.

  2. hannah

    I adored this movie. Fat Amy is the greatest thing ever. Have you googled Rebel Wilson redoing her audition for the movie on (I think) letterman? It is solid gold. I adore her.

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