I did it again….  Totally crushed it at HomeGoods.

 I wanted this settee, but all I took home was these two.
How adorable for a little girl’s bathroom?

Chartreuse.  Say no more.

Side tables galore.

Love the colors in this Suzani chair.


Scooped up these two for my basement.

A little turquoise sparkle.

 I was DYING over this campaign desk.  It was huge.  If I only had room for it.  I hope whoever gets it give it a good home.

I also bought two of these for my basement. Spoiler alert: orange, orange everywhere!

I so wanted to buy this and paint it.  Unfortunately I was out of time, space and money.  Until next time HomeGoods!

4 thoughts on “HomeGoodies.

  1. Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~

    i’m OBSESSED with homegoods – if you look at my instagram you’ll see some of my purchases – i did some MAJOR damage – i swear i need a uHaul everytime i go!

    ps – giveaway going on (LUX giveaway coming up right after this one)

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