Weekend Happenings…

There were a lot of happenings at Casa de Salmon this weekend.  There was…
Too much shit in one room happenings…. To make room for
grasscloth ceiling happenings…  in addition to
 Hick’s Hexagon laundry room happenings.
Project truffula tree happenings were all over the garage.
 There was also some pick up my tweener’s reupholstered desk chair happenings.
I can’t beleive I tried to go here on a Saturday happenings.
 Leftover candy in my purse lunch happenings.  Sidenote:  Airheads are gross.
Refurbish dining room buffet happenings.
 Celebrating E’s Exceptional Explorer award at Fatly’s  (Oh, I mean Friendly’s) happenings.
Took all day on Sunday to get this puppy back together happenings.  I am in love.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Happenings…

  1. Sarah

    I am in the area (McLean) and trying to embark on adding grasscloth to our dining room, but really running into a dead wall when it comes to having the grasscloth hung! I remembered this post where you had it installed on your ceiling and wanted to ask if you could share your installer information? Only if you would recommend them! Please let me know – am hoping you were happy and can get me the contact info so I can finally finish up the room. Many thanks – Sarah

  2. Stacey {steward of design}

    I saw all your pics on Instagram and I was feeling very lazy compared to all you had going on. 🙂
    That laundry room ceiling is so great! I can’t wait to see your grass cloth ceiling.

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