Random Inspiration From My Hard Drive.

I was recently forced to purge a bazillion files from my computer in an effort to free up some space. I saved a few favorites so that I could share them with all of you.   Long before the days of Pinterest, I would save files on my hard drive.  Unfortunately, I have no idea of where they are from, so I cannot give credit,  but here are a few oldies but goodies.
Just Beachy.
Lord knows I am not a neutral girl, but I am digging this.
This painting is so rad.
I do know that this is Tori Spelling’s kitchen.. however, I am not sure if she still lives there.  She’s cray if she left all of this behind!
Black and White.  A tad bit on the sterile side…  I would add a few more personal touches, but you get the idea.
White with a ton of color pop.
I am loving this arched door.
While this reminds me of a Victoria’s Secret box, I still love it.
The power of painted brick.
I have always loved this kitchen.  We stalked this fabric for my sister-in-law, sadly I believe it was discontinued. ;(
And now I can hit delete.

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