E’s Room: Desk Chair Makeover.

A few months ago, E and I scooped up this chair at a consignment shop.  I loved it because it is a bit smaller than your typical chair- perfect for a seven year old!  While I love zebra, this was not a good zebra print, which was hard to sell E on because she thought it looks like all of the crap she sees in Justice (can we talk about how that store is the bane of my existence?)
So I pulled together a few fabrics that worked in her room and the one I liked best was a bathrobe that I bought at TJ Maxx for $19.99- which E basically stole because she loved it so much.  
While I couldn’t use it on the entire chair, we put it on the back and used the leftover ostrich fabric from our dining room chairs on the front (kid-proof) and the fabric leftover from her bench for the piping.  I love it, and more importantly, SHE loves it!

Full reveal on the way!

3 thoughts on “E’s Room: Desk Chair Makeover.

  1. Nicole

    Adorable!! You are so talented – can’t wait to see this reveal and the beach condo. Could you share your consignment store source? I’m close by in “Potomac Falls”/Sterling. And ugghhh – Justice… My girls are 9 & 7 so I can relate – and beware taking swim at Ted Dolan (which is an awesome swim school) – but it’s close proximity to Justice will be my undoing.

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