Lilly Lampshade.

Remember the adorable pillows we had made by Irene for the girls’ room at the beach?  Well, we purchased extra fabric to cover a ginormous lampshade for their room as well.  I followed this tutorial from House of Fifty.  Let me tell you, this was a total pain in the ass.  I think it’s a two person job.  I didn’t do the best job, but it’s a-o-k for this beach rental.

Room pictures to come!

One thought on “Lilly Lampshade.

  1. Delia @songthatdoesntend

    Hi Kiki. I love the pillows, and I also could not help noticing the fabric. I am from Jamaica and I noticed it had a map of that country on it. May I ask what the name of it is please? Thanks.

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