fashion friday: how to style a bump.

Recently I received an email from a reader who just found out she was expecting.  She wanted some tips on how to look stylish without breaking the bank.  It’s been over 5 years since I had to style a bump and it was no easy task considering 1.) My girls were 9 lbs. 5 oz. and 9 lbs 14 oz both a week early  2.) I am not exactly petite to begin with.

I hate despise those tiny bitches who say “I never even had to buy maternity clothes.  I just used a Bella Band.”  Ugh.  I was literally BUSTING out of my maternity clothes by the end of both pregnancies.  When Anna was born the nurse said to me “I am so sorry, we don’t have any clothes that will fit her on the L & D floor. We have to go upstairs to the Pediatric Department to find her something bigger.”  We don’t grow them small around here, that’s for sure.

Here are some of my favorite tricks.  I can tell you that I made the rookie mistake of buying a lot of designer clothes with my first pregnancy.  I learned my lesson on the second.  Old Navy, Gap and Target will do just fine. H & M has a great Maternity line too. You can also use a ton of existing cardigans, scarves and jean jackets to zhush up your outfits.  Accessories are key here, ladies.

One Hot Momma.001

hat  |  sunglasses  |  jean jacket  | scarf  |  bow belt  | leopard belt  | flower belt 1 |  flower belt 2  |  coral dress  |  one shoulder dress  |  tanks |  cardies  |  purple diamond dress |  stripe dress  |   scarf print dress |  green lace dress  | shorts  |  mint jeans  | leggings  |   print pants  |  jeans

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