sitting pretty.


After a great week in Savannah, we came home to a finished porch and worked our asses off to pull (most) of it together in 4 hours… In just enough time to have dinner out there! IMG_1174

My view from the sofa.

Each of the Pip Squeaks has claimed their own window seat.  IMG_1190

Which have plenty of room for pillow storage.


Remember these chairs I scored on Etsy?  Well, they are the perfect size.  They are not in the best shape (besides the fabric a la 1977) so I am hoping that they can be salvaged…

5 thoughts on “sitting pretty.

  1. Corbin

    Um, your porch is amazing!! That is one thing I really miss about Georgia! Love the colors and pillow arrangement, but the teal ceiling has to be my favorite.


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