bright birthday.

bright birthday free printable

Every year, I find myself racing like a maniac to find last minute treat-free favors for my girls’ school birthday. (Life would be sooooo much easier if I could just buy two dozen cupcakes.) This is what E and I came up with this year ($1 marker sets from the Dollar Store.)

I received a few emails asking about the printable– well ladies, today is your lucky day.  I finally figured out how to upload it- so you can go nuts.   Just have your little nuggets sign their own names.  Now just get your asses down to the Dollar Store and buy $30 worth of crappy markers. 😉

bright birthday

5 thoughts on “bright birthday.

  1. Tash

    Thank you! The printable will be used promptly and I will be at the dollar store buying those markers! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Carrie-Anne Mosley

    Love them! Even better that my daughter’s name also starts with E, so I don’t need to edit. Thank you!!! CAM

  3. Lisa

    You brightened my morning with this post! Still laughing ! Thank you and have an amazing day!!! Crappy markers are great for lil peeps!

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