feeling blue.

In decorating, I have a love-hate relationship with the color blue.  Growing up in Virginia, I have been surrounded by Williamsburg-esque decor my entire life.  And I am not a fan.  Most blues take me back to that era.  Turquoise and periwinkle are great, but once you get into the powdery- steel blues or a true royal blue, I start to twitch a bit.   I have recently come across quite a few inspiring blue rooms- updated and fresh with a contemporary twist.

Blue Kitchen

Blue Bedroom

Blue Bedroom

Blue Powder Room

Blue Living Room Blue Living Room Blue Foyer Blue Living Room

Lately, I’m feeling blue.

2 thoughts on “feeling blue.

  1. Jeanine Dahl

    Oh, that library-office and the dining room with bright blue paneled walls! I’d never be brave enough … but they look incredible.

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