game changer.

game changer  |  kiki's list.Last week I bought this.  The woman at Nordies said it would prime, brighten, conceal and even out my skin tone.  That it was great for weekends just to give some sheer coverage when you didn’t want to wear make-up.  Oh yeah, and it also has SPF 35 in it.  So, I put it on Saturday am and it did everything she said… Then I put make-up on over it later in the day and I noticed a huge difference.  My make-up looked more even and smooth and it really helped to control oil as the day went on.

Note:  I have olive skin and am a “Shade 1,” so unless you have really dark skin, go with Shade 1, Shade 2 for darker complexions.

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  1. Claire

    Amen! Greatest product ever and I so glad you are highlighting. Wear mostly on own (good with freckles to not look like trying to cover) and feel cleaner and more natural. Then when I do want a more make-up look it keep the balminess of a fresh face but with even coverage.

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