in case you were wondering….

Lola  |  Kiki's List.Last week a reader emailed me to see if Bailey was ok.  Then I realized, I’ve been Instagraming pictures of the newest member of our family, and have not shared any of her story with all of you!

So here is Lola’s story….

Two and a half months ago I received a call from a Bernese Mountain Dog Breeder that we know asking for help.  She had a Berner (Lola) who was poorly cared for and had lived in a barn her entire life. Her previous owners bred her way too young (she had 10 puppies!) and we think that stunted her growth. A pure-bred 2 year old Bernese Mountain Dog should weigh approximately 120 lbs, she weighed 48. We were thrilled to adopt her and couldn’t wait to spoil her to pieces but were heartbroken that two of her puppies were left behind in the barn.  The conditions in the barn were beyond horrible and the water bowls were frozen solid. I couldn’t bear them being left in the freezing weather without their momma to keep them warm!  So I reached out to everyone I knew and as it turns out, our friends down the street adopted BOTH puppies.  

Kiki's List.

Meet my grand-puppies… Stella Bella and Sadie Grace.  Their dad was a Golden Retriever.

Lola  |  Kiki's List.

We are so thrilled to have Lola in our lives.  We are fairly certain that she was abused because she is terrified of all inanimate objects and any sudden movement.  She’s now up to 59 lbs. and has come so incredibly far.  In fact, I’d say she’s feeling quite comfortable these days.  Maybe a little too comfortable.  Every time we think we’re almost there with the potty training.. she leaves us a little present.   It may take a little more time, after all- she was raised in a barn!

Lola  |  Kiki's List.

Oh, yes.. and Bailey is just fine!

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  1. Bethany

    Love this story… made me all misty eyed!! Good for you for saving that sweet girls and helping her pups get saved too. The world needs more champions like you!

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