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  1. isotherm pretoria

    A lot of electric power is being made from strength
    plants that run from these kinds of fuels. They have looked
    at Air Krete, a cementitous foam; Bio – Based 501, a soy-based polyurethane foam spray; Bonded
    Logic , a natural fiber insulation; Cell-Pak , a cellulose insulation; Green Fiber , a recycled-paper insulation; Green Zone , CFC-free polyiso (industry short term for polyisocyanurate)
    insulation; Icynene, formaldehyde-free foam insulation; Johns Manville ,
    formaldehyde-free fiberglass; and Oregon Shepherd, natural wool insulation.
    Floor to ceiling windows achieve passive solar warming and
    the cube can be positioned to achieve optimum solar power via a panel system.

  2. AnneMarie

    thanks for posting…I love every little bit!! This home is perfection.

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