Sticky 9.

Sticky 9  |  Kiki's List.
Looking for a creative and useful Christmas gift for family and friends?  Look no further.  Enter Sticky9.  Sticky9 was launched in London in 2011.  It takes your favorite Instagram photos and turns them into a grid of 9 square magnets with whatever pictures you choose from your Instagram feed.  Easy peasy.  Magnets not your thing?  They also create iPhone cases, prints, stickers and calendars.  Check it out!

Sticky 9  |  Kiki's List. Sticky 9  |  Kiki's List. Sticky 9  |  Kiki's List.

One thought on “Sticky 9.

  1. Lauren

    I literally JUST bought a bunch of these. They are so cute and so much smaller than printing out a bunch of pictures to frame. Such a cute idea!

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